Prevent Bleach Stains on Your Laundry


All too often it happens that bleach stains ruin one or more pieces of dark-colored laundry. Unless you are creating the latest fashion fad, the garment or garments are no longer useful to you and has to be thrown away. There are measures to take to prevent bleach from destroying your laundry. Follow these simple steps to protect your laundry and keep your laundry in wearable condition.

How Bleach Works

There are two different types of bleach which are chlorine and chlorine oxygen. Bleach helps detergents in removing dirt and stains in light-colored clothing. Bleach makes fabrics whiter and brighter. If accidentally dropped on colored clothing, the properties of the bleach make very visible spots.

Store and Transport Bleach Safely

When transporting or storing bleach, ensure that the top is securely fastened to the bottle to prevent spillage. Clothes that bleach stains aren't always the clothes that are being laundered. If bleach accidentally splashes on you while you are laundering your clothes or when it is stored improperly, you can get stains on the clothes you are wearing.

Mixing Bleach

When you are laundering your clothes, before placing your clothes in your washer, ensure that you mix the proper amount of bleach with the water in your washing machine's tub so that you get clothes that are evenly cleaned by the bleach. Put clothes in only after the bleach has been mixed properly.

Direct Contact

Under no circumstances should you pour bleach directly on any garment. Bleach is a strong cleaning agent and has the potential to eat at the fibers of your garment if poured directly on it. Always dilute the bleach with water to balance out the properties of the bleach and protect your garment.

Colored Garments

Even if you properly mix bleach with water in your washing machine's tub, you should never wash colored garments in bleach. This will cause your garments to seriously fade or severe discoloration. Only detergents that contain a color-safe bleach are recommended as they will not discolor your clothing.

Warn Others of Bleach Usage

If you are using bleach as a cleaning agent for your household, warn the members of your house or anyone else in your house that you are using bleach in a particular area. It is very easy for children to come running through an area which you are cleaning and accidentally knock the bleach over and get it on their clothing and yours. This also applies to any cleaner that you are using that contains a significant amount of bleach as a cleaning agent.

Spray Bottles

If you are using bleach in a spray bottle, it is highly recommended that you properly label the outside of the bottle with the word "bleach" so that someone doesn't mistake the bottle for an all-purpose cleaner or something else. Never store bleach in a bottle clearly labeled something else. This can also cause damage to your clothing and theirs.