Prevent Your Aluminum Screen Door from Rusting

If you want to take good care of your aluminum screen door we recommend the following tips to help you keep it properly maintained.


Many people mistakenly believe that their aluminum screen door will rust. Aluminum does not rust, but there is an oxidation process that it does go through. When oxidation takes place, the aluminum is actually creating a thin layer over itself to prevent further oxidation from taking place. You can prevent further oxidation:

How to Prevent Further Oxidation

In its purest state, aluminum is very shiny but when oxygen is present, it takes on a dull gray color. When it begins to oxidize, a process that involves the aluminum, oxygen, and generally water, it begins to take on a sort of a pale white color.

You can clean the door and prevent further oxidation by following these steps.

  • Clean the aluminum screen door thoroughly and allow it to dry. DO NOT attempt to remove the oxidation that is already in place. Further damage will occur. Unlike other metals where you would want the rust removed, the opposite is true of aluminum.
  • Use an appropriate paint or sealant to prevent further damage from occurring.