Preventing a Propane Regulator from Freezing

A man adjusts a propane regulator.

A propane regulator is a safety device connecting the propane tank to a gas cooking appliance. It is used to control the flow of highly pressurized propane gas. Propane regulators are often made of brass and aluminum, which are spark-resistant materials that are ideal for the highly-flammable propane gas. A propane regulator is vulnerable to freezing due to the low temperatures of highly pressurized propane gas. Below are some ways that you can prevent your propane regulator from freezing.

Elevate Your Propane Tank

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Place your propane tank on a pedestal or any stable and elevated platform to ensure that the propane tank outlet is at a slightly higher position. This prevents liquid propane from leaking out of the regulator.

Use a Propane Regulator Cover

Two propane tanks next to each other.

You can purchase a propane regulator cover at any home improvement store or simply put a slightly damp cloth over the regulator.

Adjust the Regulator Vent Hole

A propane gas regulator is normally equipped with a vent hole. Adjust the regulator vent hole in a way that it points down to drain out the moisture from the regulator instead of building up and freezing the regulator.

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