Preventing Cryptomeria Problems

Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar) is an ornamental tree that grows up to 50 feet high with a spread of up to 20 feet. The tree grows in a regular cone shape and likes well-drained acidic soil. Most problems with cryptomeria are caused by the location of the tree and a susceptibility to leaf mold and leaf spot.

Where to Plant Cryptomeria Japonica

  • Early Sun - Plant the Japanese cedar where it will receive the early morning sun. Although the tree can tolerate full sun, it does appreciate shade in the afternoon.
  • Good Air Circulation - Leaf mold and leaf spot are caused by the leaves remaining damp. Keep the leaves dry by planting them in a place where they will catch the occasional breeze.
  • Open Space - Although the tree is slow growing, plant it in a position where it will be able to spread out.

Treatment of Leaf Blight

The best treatment for leaf blights is an application of a fungicide early in the morning. This will allow leaves time to dry during the warm part of the day.

General Maintenance

As the tree grows and spreads, the lower branches may sag towards the ground. As well as being untidy and spoiling the shape of the tree, these branches will prevent sun from reaching the lower spaces on the tree and the ground underneath. Prune sagging branches to ensure the health of your Cryptomeria Japonica.