Preventing Frost Build-Up with Proper Attic Ventilation

attic vent under gable

Without proper attic ventilation in your home, you could have a considerable amount of frost accumulate in your attic during the cold winter months. This frost is the result of warm air rising from the living areas underneath. It is a serious problem because the frost turns into the water as it dries out, and this water will then leak into the home, rot out the roof and joists, and cause mold to grow. If you've noticed frost building up, you will find a solution below.

Install Attic Vent Chutes

Attic vent chutes are installed along the rafters and down into the soffit area. The chutes are either foam-based or hard cardboard material. They keep the soffit vents from being blocked by insulation, so air can flow throughout the attic area. The installation is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project.

Install an Attic Fan

Keeping frost out of the attic can also be done with an attic fan. Many attic fans are automated, allowing you to regulate the temperature and humidity level of your attic without lifting a finger. They can also run on solar power, saving you money on electricity. Some attic fans can even turn on and off based on the pressure in the atmosphere. Installing a fan is more involved than installing vent chutes, but you should still be able to do it on your own.

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Seal Heat Leaks

Another important step in preventing the build-up of frost within the attic is to check for any heat leaks from the living space underneath. Even with adequate attic ventilation, any escaping heat from the living space below will have moisture in it, which can easily freeze during very cold days.

Inspect the entire attic area for leaks. You can do this with an infrared thermometer or by simply sitting in the attic on a very cold day. Mark any locations where you feel the heat rising so that you can seal it over with caulking and insulation.