Preventing Scratches on a Marble Floor

If you have a marble floor you will want to take good care of it and hopefully prevent scratches. Marble is a beautiful stone that is quite soft and porous so needs to be treated well to help it retain it's shine. This is a quick guide to show you the types of materials that can cause damage to a marble floor and what you can do to prevent this.

Sand, Soil and Grit

The things you carry in on your shoes can wear down and damage a marble floor over time. At each entrance put down a mat to wipe your feet before you enter your home. You should also take off your shoes. Put carefully secured rugs and runners down in hallways and living areas to protect the floor underneath. Make sure you also put protective dishes underneath plant pots to stop any soil from falling onto the marble. Mopping the floor twice a week will help remove any dirt, however make sure you have properly dried it using a soft material such as terry towel. If you are using a vacuum, make sure you use a soft brush attachment with it.


Tables, chairs and other furniture can very easily scratch your marble floor. To protect the floor from scratches made by dining tables and chairs you can put a little bit of rubber or sponge on the end of each leg so that scratches aren't made each time these are moved. You can also purchase specialist pads from home ware stores for this purpose.

if you are shifting bulky furniture you should make sure it is completely lifted from the floor before moving. This will prevent you making any gouges or deep scratches.

Spilling Food and Drinks

Acidic foods can easily etch or stain marble floors. Be careful particularly with liquids such as fruit juices and wine. You should also beware of spilling carbonated drinks such as sodas as they can wear away the surface of the marble. Surprisingly, tap water can cause damage to a marble floor as it contains chlorine, salt and other minerals. Make sure that you clean anything you spill immediately with a non abrasive cloth and then thoroughly dry the area.

Cleaning Substances

To protect your marble floors, steer clear of acidic cleaning substances. It is common to use lemon juice and vinegar as an eco-friendly green alternative to harsher disinfectants and bleaches. Both of these substances are acidic and should not be used on marble flooring. Many generic tile cleaners are also acidic and should not be used such as Ajax or Jif. Instead use specialized stone soap cleaners. You will be able to find these in most hardware stores. They are designed to not cause any damage to the floor and are usually PH neutral. Make sure you follow any manufacturer's instructions. Do not use hot water to clean marble with as it can streak the tile floors.

Equally, do not use substances that are very alkaline such as bleach as this can damage the shine an lacquer on the floor.

Using a Sealer

Buy a good marble sealer to protect your flooring. A marble sealer will penetrate the porous stone to stop any spilled or unwanted substances from seeping in and staining.