Prime-Foam and Frothed-Foam Carpet Pad Benefits

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Carpet pads are the materials that are placed under the carpet to prevent the carpet from wearing out when subjected to straining weight that result from the human activity on the floor upon which the carpet is laid. Carpet pads come in different forms and are made of various materials. A foam carpet pad is a type of carpet pad that is used to cushion carpets against the pressures of daily activity.

How do Foam Carpet Pads Protect the Carpet?

Foam carpet pads also come in different versions notably prime-foam and frothed-foam carpet pads. The 2 designs of foam carpet pads work in similar ways except for the fact that each may be suitable in different situations and circumstances. Carpets are made of several pieces of material or fiber held together by different forms of backing which ensure that the fibers remain intact to give you the protection you need from direct contact with the floor. The foam carpet pad placed between the floor and your carpet of choice helps in preventing the dampness of the floor from reaching your carpet.

Difference Between Prime-Foam and Frothed-Foam Carpet Pads

Frothed and prime foam carpet pads are 2 of the 3 main types of foam carpet pads. The method used to prepare them both is the main difference between the 2 forms of carpet padding. Prime-Foam is made out of a combination of 2 liquids to come up with foam while the frothed foam is made by attaching non-woven material to the foam by use of a carpet backing machine.

Advantages of Using Foam Carpet Pads

Carpet pads perform a number of important functions in the house. One of the most common uses of foam carpet pads besides helping in the protection of the carpet from direct contact with the floor is the absorption of sound between 2 floors. Sometimes separate floors in a building may need to stay independent from each other by soundproofing the rooms in order to enable peaceful coexistence among the family members.

Having a bedroom that is directly above the living room may lead to unnecessary disturbance of the occupants by people who may want to stay up late and enjoy programs on television or radio. These types of complications can be reduced by reinforcing the floors by increasing the thickness of the foam carpet pads before laying your carpet to help cushion the room from the sound coming from the room below.

It is, however, important to watch the thickness of the carpet pad since it has been proved that very thick carpet pads would still give the carpet the flexibility to move underweight leading to the breaking of the carpet backing.