Princess Flower Pruning Guide

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The Princess flower (Tibouchina urvilleana) is native to Brazil and South America. The large purple flowers bloom in the months from May to January. It is a warm-weather plant requiring full sun for the best growth. In colder areas it will grow to the size of a small bush. Flowering in these areas occurs in the late summer months.


This plant can be pruned or shaped at anytime to maintain its growth. This plant tends to be "leggy," which describes the growth of certain branches to be higher and faster than others. Pinching or the snapping off of the longer stems will help to round out the plant and allow other ends of the stems to bud and produce flowers.

Once a branch starts growing away from the main plant, simply pinch off the excess stem so that the branch heals and starts its growth again. In the meantime, this will allow other surrounding branches to catch up and grow. This will round out the plant, giving each stem room to bud and bloom. As the plant grows in size, more branching will occur. This is also anticipated as the smaller branches of the original stem are allowed to grow and will also produce flowers.