Privacy Fence vs Privacy Screen

When making your home more private, be sure to do the research on which form of privacy is better, a privacy fence or a privacy screen. Choosing either a privacy fence or a privacy screen depends on the location and the degree of privacy you want.

Privacy Offered

For an area of complete privacy, a privacy fence is the best option. A privacy fence is any type of barrier that creates a border and defines an area. One the other hand, privacy screens, which only limit an outsider’s view, can be used more for décor than privacy fences. Unlike a privacy fence, a privacy screen only limits the visibility. It can be used to cover the patio or a hot tub in your back yard.

Options in Privacy Fence

There are many different types of privacy fences, ranging from natural barriers to fancy wooden panels. The natural barriers include tall bushes or trees, such as evergreens. These are ideal for privacy since they live all year long and have lots of branches with thick needles. Comparatively, other shrubs, like Junipers and Rhododendrons, can be used as privacy barriers since they can grow over five feet tall. These are also common because they flower and make the privacy fence prettier and more natural. On the other hand, there are also many types of manmade privacy fences. These include already made plastic and wooden panels. These panels come in many sizes, from one to fifteen feet tall. Manmade privacy fences can come in many different styles and colors. In addition, if you choose a wood privacy fence, you may also consider the type of wood being used. Some types of wood need more care than others, while others are more resistant to the weather. You may also consider the color of the wood to make sure it is in harmony with the color of your home or business. Another type of privacy fence is the hybrid fence, which consists of both wooden panels and lattice. The wooden panels provide the privacy that you desire while the lattice gives the fence character. However, these tend to be more costly, especially if the lattice work is very detailed. Hybrid privacy fences are more of an intermediate between privacy fences and privacy screens.

Options in Privacy Fence

Most privacy screens consist of large wood or plastic lattice work that is sold by the panel. Privacy screens, like privacy fences, are made in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes and are cheaper because less material is needed. The materials also tend to be the same, ranging from plastic to different types of wood. These are more ideal for smaller areas, such as around porches, patios, and pools than a privacy fence. Privacy screens are also more ideal for gardens, since they do not totally block out the sunlight.

Cost Involved

Privacy screen is not at all a costly affair. This is something you can build yourself with some wood posts, nails and paint. You can also buy a pre-installed screen from market which costs anywhere between $100 to $500 per screen, depending on the material used and quality of wood.

Although, privacy fence is a bit hit in the market, it costs anywhere between $10 to $30 per foot. In addition, be ready to pay for the labor charges.