Procedures to Follow when Laying Patio Pavers

What You'll Need
Sharp Sand
Patio Paving Bricks
Stiff Bristle Broom
Chalk Marking Spray
Marking String
Ground Flattener
Spirit Level
Rubber Mallet

Laying patio pavers to enhance your outdoor space can add a special attractive and durable feature to your home. Many yards and gardens benefit greatly from the laying of pavers and patios in the form of landscaping for detailed and striking exterior rooms. Contractors are often employed to undertake large patio projects but small home patios can easily be done by the homeowner with enough experience to do the job too.

Step 1 – Preparing your Ground

Not all homes have patio areas especially prepared to receive pavers, so you will need to prepare the ground where you want the patio pavers to be situated. Mark the shape and size of your patio area by using chalk marking spray or white paint spray. Mark the potential patio area with string to get the correct shape you will require for the finished piece.

Step 2 – Dig

Dig the shape out of the grass or turf to about the depth of two inches. Dig relatively small squares of turf or grass so that your shovel will slide underneath and lift the turf and top soil from the ground. Cut the shape out using the shovel blade and stay as close to your pattern as possible.

Step 3 – Flattening

Use a ground flattener to tread the ground flat where the patio pavers will be placed. The ground needs to be completely level so that the pavers have solid bases to lie on and will not move or become uneven. Press the ground firmly down and use the spirit level to ensure as much level accuracy as possible.

Step 4 – Paving Bricks

You may decide to choose a random pattern but it is a good idea to mark out how you will lay the pavers into the patio area before you start. Similar to tiling, if you get the pattern uneven it will look odd at the end at which you finish, so mark the center line of the patio area and start from the middle, working outward in equal spaces until you reach the edges.

Step 5 – Laying the Pavers

Press the pavers into place firmly and level them with the spirit level. If they are uneven on one side, tap them down with the rubber mallet until the level reads correct. Place all the patio pavers in the same way and check the level as you progress through the lines of pavers.

Step 6 – Sealing

Once you have completed your patio pavers pattern take the sharp sand and brush it in between all the joins adjacent to each paving brick. You will need to seal the pavers into place. This is not a cement mix but merely dry sharp sand, which will set into place and harden once the patio pavers are settled in. Brush the sand as deep into the joins as you can and cover every join. Examine your work and then brush the excess sand away from the patio area.