Project Ideas for a Chalkboard Wall

hand around a house on a chalkboard

Chalkboard wall paint can be purchased as a brush paint or spray paint. It can also be made easily at home at very little cost to the homeowner. Several coats are necessary for the best results. The paint will need about three days to dry completely before you will able to write on it with chalk. This versatile paint can be used on glass, wood, plastic, drywall, and many more surfaces.

1. Kitchen Messages

A chalk wall can be painted inside a pantry and used for writing grocery lists and recipe ideas. Consider painting the walls with a magnetic primer before you use the chalkboard paint. This will enable you to also use a magnet to keep receipts and housekeeping notes on the wall as well.

2. Play Rooms

the word mom written in chalk

Use chalkboard paint to fill a wall in a playroom for your child. Apply the paint to the lower area of the wall to provide easy access for smaller people. Use only large dustless chalk. Small pieces of chalk can become a choking hazard for a child. Dustless chalk will keep the material from ending up on other walls or items in the room. Clean the chalkboard wall regularly with a damp cleaning cloth.

3. Organizers

Paint a small chalkboard wall inside a bedroom closet and use the small board for private notes and reminders. Consider painting another chalkboard in the laundry room for washing instructions and cleaning notes. Use painter's tape to mark off the size of board you want. Apply the paint to the wall. Allow it ample time to dry.

4. Calendars

Paint a wall in a home office for keeping reminders and for scheduling upcoming appointments and events. Use painters tape to mark off the size of the calendar you want. Continue adding a tape grid for the days of the week. Apply the chalkboard paint to the area. Allow the paint ample time to dry. Once again, consider beginning with a magnetic primer to be able to put up notes with magnets. Different seasonal graphics can be added depending on the time of year.

5. Garden and Garage Boards

Paint a chalkboard in your garage or garden shed to leave messages regarding gardening needs such as gas for a lawn mower or a water schedule for special plants or flowers.

6. Mirrored Wall Chalkboard

recipe on a wall chalkboard above a table

Chalkboard paint can be applied to mirror and glass. For a reflective effect, consider filling a wall with a number of chalkboard painted glass or mirror tiles. Form a frame around each of the tiles with painter's tape. Try to keep a consistent frame width on all of the tiles. Apply the chalkboard paint to each of the glass or mirror tiles. Allow the tiles ample time to dry completely. Remove the painter's tape from the tiles. Add a hanger and mounting tabs to each of the painted tiles. Hang the tiles in a decorative pattern on the wall.

7. Homemade Chalkboard Paint

You can make your own chalkboard paint at home. You will need to combine the following ingredients to make the paint: one cup of acrylic paint, a half cup of water-based glaze and a quarter cup of powder tile grout. Combine the ingredients in a small bowl with a stir stick. Apply the paint to the wall with a paintbrush or small roller.