Propagation: Root an Elm Tree Cutting

Rooting a cutting from an elm tree is a delicate process which has about a 50% success rate, because of the sensitive nature of the plant. For this reason, it is best to attempt to root ten cuttings and select the strongest survivors to grow as adult trees. You will need to purchase a container of powdered root hormone to encourage prompt and strong root growth from the cuttings.

To root an elm tree cutting, execute the following three steps:

  1. Take the cuttings from a healthy branch of your elm tree where two branches intersect. Immediately place the fresh cuttings in water to preserve viability.
  2. When all cuttings are acquired, prepare separate containers with nutrient rich potting soil for each of the cuttings. Make sure that the soil is moist, but be careful not to saturate the growing medium. The cuttings will require moisture in order to establish themselves. Root growth, however, is dependent upon available water. The more available water, the less the roots will grow.
  3. Take a cutting and allow all the excess water to run off. You want the cutting to be damp. Take turns lightly coating the exposed wood of each cutting with root hormone and place them in their respective pots. After all of the cuttings have been placed in a growing medium, the cuttings will begin to grow roots.