Proper Care for Glass Closet Doors

Lead Image for Proper Care for Glass Closet Doors

Glass closet doors can add a refined look to a room and create the feeling of more space. The care and upkeep for these doors are generally simple and manageable and can be accomplished by anyone with a little time and effort. Read on for tips on how to keep your glass doors looking great and working well.

Watch Your Feet

If your glass closet door is the kind that swings open and closed as opposed to sliding, make sure you have rubber feet on the inside door frame. These small pieces of rubber are hardly noticeable, and often overlooked during cleaning and inspection of doors, but they are important because they help to absorb the shock created when the door is closed. Occasionally, you will close the door too hard, and to prevent stress on the glass, the feet take up the force of the impact. These tiny shock absorbers can dry out and crack with age, or simply fall off altogether. Replace them as soon as you can. They can be purchased at any hardware store for very little money.

Make Tracks

If your closet has a sliding glass door on it, then you probably have aluminum tracks. It can be difficult to keep this shining. You may be tempted to clean it with the same glass cleaner you use for the door, but resist the impulse. Cleaning the track this way can damage the protective coating on aluminum and create corrosion later on. Instead, try using a non-abrasive bathroom cleaner. You can clean the glass first, then go back and clean the aluminum tracks. After you’ve sprayed the cleaner on, just wipe the tracks down until they are dry.

Employ the Squeegee

The best way to keep the glass looking clear (if it’s a non-mirrored door) is to clean it with glass cleaner and then use a squeegee to pull through any moisture left behind. This method will help you avoid streaks and spots. You may still have some moisture left behind on the bottom of the door after using a squeegee. Instead of using a paper towel or cloth to get this, however, try newspaper instead. It doesn’t streak and spot as much as a paper towel or washcloth.

Mirror, Mirror

A mirrored door can be trickier to keep clean than a glass door. You may want to use glass cleaner, but standard cleaners have ammonia or vinegar in them. The ammonia or vinegar is acidic and can cause the protective surface of the mirror to break down. This will cause the shine to disappear, and in worst cases, cause black spots to form. The best way to clean your mirrored door is to use soapy water and a lint-free cloth. The newspaper will also help to remove any streaks or spots that may occur. You should also make sure that after cleaning you completely dry the mirror off.

Glass doors aren’t hard to care for, just a little different. With a little care and attention, your glass will look great for years.