Proper Steps for Making Additions to House Plans

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  • 1-10 hours
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What You'll Need
House plan
Architect or home builder
Home building permit

When making additions, house plans must be filed with the building inspector’s office for your community in many instances for those changes to be approved. This is because many communities have building standards that must be met in order for the house to pass inspection. This inspection and approval is needed in order for you to move into your new house.

It is not uncommon for a new or existing homeowner to make changes to a house plan in order to add an addition. When this occurs, working with a local home builder or architect, you can incorporate your additions and be shepherd through the process of obtaining approval for your plans from local building inspector. In order to make additions to your house plans, here are some steps that you can take in order to have it done properly.

Step 1 - Review Your House Plans

In order to make an addition to your house plans, whether it is to add a deck, porch or extra room to the house, you need to review the house plans. Look to see where the addition should be placed and map out how it will affect your design plan. This review of your house plans should be done in consultation with the home builder or architect who designed the plan. In many instances, the house plans that you have are copyrighted or owned by the designer any alterations must be approved in advanced.

Step 2 - Make Additions

Once you receive permission to make an addition the house plan, have the designer apply the changes to the house plan. The architect or home designer will be able to add your addition to the plans per the building code requirements for your community. This is step in the process that should be done by a professional who understands the requirements for your community and not done by you (unless you are a licensed home architect).

Step 3 - Approve Changes to House Plan

Look at the amended drawings provided by the architect or home designer. Approve the changes if they meet your idea or concept for the change that you wanted made to the house plan. This approval is important for the architect to submit the house plans to the building inspector’s office for approval.

Step 4 - File Amended House Plan

The architect or home builder will file the amended house plans with your local building inspector’s office for approval. This step in the process should be fairly straightforward and simple to accomplish and only involves you being notified that the changes have been adopted. Many communities will not permit construction of a new home or an addition to an existing home be made until approval is given on an amended house plan.

Step 5 - Build Your House Addition

With the approval in place on the amended house plans, the builder can proceed or continue with the construction of your house. This includes the addition that has now been incorporated in your house plans.