Properly Install A Wall Mount Sliding Door

Installing a wall mount sliding door is a project that can usually be accomplished in a weekend. To begin, you will need to choose the sliding door assembly that you will be using on your back door or patio door. These come in a variety of styles and types. Choose the one that best suits your home d├ęcor and is meant to be used for an exterior door.

Measure the Door

You will first have to measure out the area that your new sliding door will take up on the wall. This measurement is important for you to cut the proper size opening in your wall to fit the door. Make the area too large and you will have a gap between the slider and the wall. Make it too small and you will end up having to stop and recut the wall to fit the door.

Install the Frame

Once you have the proper measurements, you should mark off the area on your wall that will have to be cut out. This is the area where you will install the frame for your new sliders. The track will sit across the floor and allow the sliders to slide open and closed and the frame all around the doors will hold them in place.