Properly Laying Stones For Your Stone Edging

What You'll Need
Watering hose
Shovel or pick
Landscape spray paint

Stone edging can add a rustic charm or architectural element to your yard. By the type of stone that you choose and the spacing that you use will contribute to a unique edging project for your landscape design. You can choose stone that compliments your home or existing landscape. The stone edging will serve as a picture frame for all the plants within. Here is how to add stone edging to your yard.

Step 1: Mark It

Use the Landscape spray to mark where your border will go. There might already be a natural edge that you are following and that is fine if straight lines are not needed. If a straight line is a priority, use two stakes and a string to mark where the border will go.

Step 2: Dig The Trench

Dig the trench to be as wide as your stones and as deep as your stones. Add 2 inches of depth to this. So if you have a 5-inch average rock size you would dig a 7-inch trench.

Step 3: Sand

Add 2 inches of sand to the trench. The sand will help to cushion the stone as well as protect it from cracking. Rake the sand level and use the tamper to tighten it up.

Step 4: Add the Stones

Try to keep the stones similar in size and shape. The spacing between the stones should be minimal. Try and fit them together like a puzzle. Use more sand in areas where the stones might be slightly smaller. Wiggle the stones a little into the sand to help them rest evenly. You want your edging to be sturdy.

Step 5: Backfill the Stones

Use the shovel to back fill any space left behind the stones. Try to get the soil as tight as possible by using the shovel and a tamper.

Step 6: Settle In the Stones

Add soil and sand in between the spacing of the stones. Watering the stone to pack the soil down is a good idea and will help to settle the stones quicker. It will also help to make the sand and soil act like a mortar to hold the stones in place.

Different Stones

When designing your stone edging keep in mind all of the choices that you have. There are many different types of stone as well as sizes that will add variation to your design. There are also premade stone borders that are usually made from concrete. They can be installed vertically into the soil with a trench and backfill. Some stones come ready to stack and make wonderful borders as well.

Whether you choose stone, metal, plastic or wood edging you will be able to follow these basic installation steps. There will always be some type of variation to take into account style and materials used. The stone edging project is one that will add character to your landscape and flair to your flowerbed.