Properly Maintain and Clean Your Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

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A cast iron fireplace grate is a great addition to consider for your fireplace. The grate not only offers the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, but also holds up extremely well despite being exposed to high temperatures of the fire.

A cast iron fireplace grate does require some normal maintenance, however, which can be easily performed by you with little effort. Please read the information below to learn more about how to clean and maintain your fireplace grate.

Step 1 - Clean Your Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

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The most important step to maintaining a cast iron fireplace grate is to clean it after you have used it. Cleaning the grate prevents debris build-up and increases its durability against the fire.

Brush the debris from the fire off the fireplace grate and use a dry rag to wipe it down.

You should also remove any soot and dust from within your fireplace using a fireplace broom or a shop vacuum to decrease the potential build-up on your grate.

Step 2 - Perform Annual Maintenance

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Every year, a coat of black grate polish should be applied to your cast iron fireplace grate. This will help to prevent rusting and leave the grate looking new.

You can also put a heat resistant coat of finishing paint on the grate for added protection.

You can easily find these products at your local home improvement stores or through a website specializing in cast iron fireplace grates.