Pros and Cons Asphalt Driveway Sealer

If you are considering an asphalt driveway sealer, you may want to take a few minutes to think about the pros and cons. Here is a little information that can help you make a decision.

Sleek Look

Look is one of the biggest pros when it comes to asphalt driveway sealer. With the use of sealer, you get a clean, sleek look and a smooth finish.

Greater Durability

Since the driveway is sealed, it is durable for much longer. You will lengthen the lifetime of your driveway and in the end, save yourself money.

More Maintenance

While you do have to spend less in repairs, the maintenance when it comes to the sealer itself may be costly. You will need to weigh this against the cost of the sealer and how often you will need to reapply against the total cost of repairs that may have to be done if you do not use it.

Higher Initial Cost

You do deflect many repair costs, however you spend more initially with asphalt driveway sealer. You have to pay for the sealer as well as a supply for the future.

Considering each of these factors should help you in the decision making process and bring you one step closer to finishing your driveway.