Advantages of a Finished Attic

The landing of a finished attic space.
  • 40-100 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,000-15,000

There are many good reasons to finish your attic. Not only will it increase the value of the house, but it'll also improve its insulation and storage capacity. Below are listed the specific advantages of finishing your attic.

Caution: It's a violation of many local building codes to convert attic space into a living space. Check your zoning laws before proceeding with such a project.


installing insulation

The number one benefit of having a finished attic is insulation. Studies have shown that both moisture and air leaks from unfinished attics, making the air in your home simultaneously colder and more humid. Therefore, finishing your attic and sealing any cracks could improve living conditions in the rest of your house.

More Space

Many houses lack room for storage or for new family additions. Therefore, using your attic as storage space is a very good idea. Having your attic finished protects any goods and materials stored there from mold, humidity, and so on. If you need space for people, rather than stuff, you can transform the attic into a play area or an extra bedroom.

Increased Home Value

kids room in an attic

By finishing your attic, you will be doing yourself a favor, because your property will increase in value. Think of it this way—by finishing your attic and turning it into a living space, you can change a four-bedroom house into a five-bedroom one.

Cheap Solution

Using your attic as a living space will be cheaper than adding an extra room to your first floor. You will not have to build walls, roofs, and floors from scratch.

In the end, all you have to remember is finishing your attic will raise the house’s value, improve its insulation, and produce another storage area or living space.