Pros and Cons of a Half Bath

A half bath is a bathroom with a sink and toilet, but no shower or tub. They are often used for guests bathrooms and home offices. A full bath has a sink, toilet, and a tub, with or without a shower. Installing a half bath has pros and cons.


A half bath may make better use of a small space than fitting a crowded full bath. A half bath can often be added in a space intended for a closet or under a stairway, which is easier than adding a full bath. A half bath also saves money on plumbing and fixtures.


If there are limited bathrooms in the house, then a full bath can be useful for children or guests. A full bath may add more to a home than a half bath when it comes time to resell value. An unused half bath may be taking up space better used for storage or adding to the floor space of a room.

When considering adding a half bath, a homeowner should consider what the family’s needs are, how often guests visit, the budget, and how the bath will fit into the existing floor plan.

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