Pros and Cons of an Iron Door

An iron door is a unique aspect for a house. If you wish to have your home reflect a classical yet secure look, go for iron. It may not be a widely used material on doors, but it does have its benefits.

Pros of an Iron Door

Iron doors enhance the beauty of your home. They are unique and elegant. Home safety is significantly increased with iron doors. They make it extremely difficult for burglars to break in. This discourages would-be burglars from attacking your home. Iron is one of the most resilient and durable materials you can select for doors. It is resistant to insects, moisture, rot and fire. Doors made of iron will last a lifetime and beyond. Iron doors add to home value. 

Cons of an Iron Door

Doors produced from iron tend to be costly. This may be a deterrent to purchasing one. Iron-cast doors can be heavy and difficult to move. This calls for more labor during installation which adds to overall costs. Installation involves a fair amount of expertise. Specialized equipment is also involved to enable processes like welding. Although iron doors are low maintenance, they are susceptible to corrosion and discoloration. This detracts from the beauty of the door.