Pros and Cons of Concrete Decorative Floors

Concrete decorative floors provide you with a cost saving flooring option. This type of flooring has several benefits, but it has a few drawbacks as well. Here are a few pros and cons of concrete decorative floors.


  • Cost- Staining a concrete floor is going to be one of the least expensive flooring options that you have. If you have a concrete slab, you already have what you need to begin. From there, you will just have to have someone come and complete the staining process. Therefore, you are basically just paying for labor to do the job. By comparison, you typically have to pay for a flooring material and the labor to install it. For example, you will pay quite a bit less for this than you would a hardwood floor.
  • Maintenance- Maintaining a concrete decorative floor is going to be one of the easiest floors to maintain. For regular maintenance, you will just need to sweep it with a dust mop periodically. This will take care of the majority of the cleaning needs for the floor. Every now and then, you will also need to mop the floor. When you mop, you can just use regular soap and hot water to do the job.
  • Environmentally friendly- This type of floor also provides you with a very environmentally friendly flooring option. Every other type of floor is going to require some type of natural resource to be harvested. For wood flooring and laminate, you need trees to be cut down. For carpet, you need petroleum, corn, or some other natural resource to be utilized. Then when you change the flooring out, most of that ends up in a landfill. With a stained concrete floor, you do not have to utilize any extra natural resources to get the job done. Then if you want to change the floor, you will not have to take up any flooring and throw it away.
  • Durability- Concrete floors are one of the most durable floors around. We all know how hard concrete is and this makes it less susceptible to damage. It should wear well for many years into the future.


  • Requires professional installation- In the vast majority of cases, this type of project will require professional help to get done. This is not a good project for most people to do by themselves. You need to have someone come in and work with the staining because it involves acid and chemicals. It is not as simple as just painting the floor with a paint brush. Therefore, many stay away from this type of flooring because they can not do it themselves.
  • Finish- The finish that they put on top of the concrete floors has a tendency to break down. For example, if you do not clean the floor regularly, any dirt or sand on the floor will be corrosive to the finish when people walk on it. This can have the effect of breaking down the finish and require more maintenance.