Pros and Cons of Crystalline Waterproofing Material

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Crystalline waterproofing material is a substance that is applied to concrete walls. Whenever it is applied, it will penetrate the concrete and turn it into an impenetrable water barrier. Crystalline waterproofing material has the ability to prevent any leakage from your concrete walls but it can be a hassle to install. However, once you have installed it, you will find that it was well worth the trouble. Read this article to understand the pros and of using this substance.


This material will allow you to protect your walls from leaks. Often, it is used on basement walls, where water seepage problems are frequent. It can also be added on brand new concrete, as well as to adhere new and old concrete together.


Installing crystalline waterproofing material can be a bit of a hassle. You will have to add water to the mixture often so that it will not dry out. You will find that it will heat up as it is mixed with water, which is normal, but can be distracting and may slow you down.