Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Tub and Shower Units

Choosing new fittings for the house is an exciting activity and recent trends have shown that when it comes to picking tub and shower units, the fiberglass variety are fast becoming the market leaders. Since fiberglass goods are made of a fused combination of a variety of materials including acrylic particulate matter, they have some impressive advantages as well as some disappointing disadvantages that come from the mix that is created. Before joining in on this market trend, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of fiberglass tub and shower units so you can make an informed decision.

Pro: There Is a Wide and Impressive Range of Styles Available

Fiberglass has proven to be a customer oriented and style flexible option in terms of the dazzling array of options that are available. Fiberglass tub and shower units are generally available in a wide range of sizes, styles, forms and their accompanying price ranges. For those looking to add a tub and shower unit with the emphasis on aesthetics, the fiberglass kind would be the best option as these are generally more decorative and more eye catching as a result of being more stylized. Their shiny texture and innovative tones and shades can add a touch of glamor to the bathroom fittings that isn’t always possible to achieve with other kinds of bathroom units.

Pro: It Is Easy to Maintain the Attractive Appearance of these Units

While enamel products tend to chip and acrylic bath units of see tears in the structure and lose their gloss and “new” appearance very quickly, fiberglass tub and shower units are much easier to maintain in terms of appearance in the long run. Some basic regular care and maintenance routines are enough to keep these units looking shiny and new for a long time. It has been found that gentle use of some regular car cleaning and upkeep products on these shower and bath units is the secret to keeping them buffed, polished and shiny.

Pro: Affordable

Fiberglass units are inexpensive and if one is working on a budget they are the ideal choice to make. Even if they do get damaged the repairs are usually easy, inexpensive and very effective. Also, as these units are lightweight they are easy to move if needed, repair and reinstall.

Con: Long Run Expenses

Even though these units are cheap to buy, they are not as durable as other products in the market such as those made of cast iron or acrylic. Hence they are more prone to damage and need replacing more often. As a result, while one does not spend much on purchasing the unit, replacement costs can add up.

Con: Questionable Durability

These units are not made for long-term use. While the gel coating protects the surface of the unit, underneath the covering the material is porous. Hence, after a while when the coating begins to peel off in places, water can seep in and damage the unit. Though repairs are cheap and easy, the long run costs can add up in terms of cost and time invested.

Overall, fiberglass tub and shower units make for an excellent cheap yet stylish option for your bathroom needs. Though the units need to be replaced on a frequent basis, the versatile variety of options on offer along with attractive designs makes it much more worthwhile than other more expensive alternatives.