Pros and Cons of Floating Cork Floor

A floating cork floor can really add a lot to the decor of a home. Floating cork floor is pre-finished flooring that is made to lock together and be installed over a pad, thereby making it 'floating.' Many people are using it to cover floors in every room of their house, although it is most common in high-traffic areas.

It is really starting to become a trendy option for flooring and can provide you with a lot of benefits. While it does provide you with some benefits, there are definitely a few drawbacks to it as well. Here are a few pros and cons of floating cork flooring that you should consider.


One great thing about cork flooring is that it is unique. Compared to other flooring options, nothing else looks like it. Many people get tired of the same old flooring options that are out there. Cork gives you a great flooring option that is completely one-of-a-kind.


Another great feature of cork flooring is that it is a green product. It is made from the bark off of a cork tree, so it is very easily renewable. With flooring these days, there is a growing emphasis on green products. Much of the traditional flooring choices just end up in a landfill. With cork, you are getting one of the most green-friendly options available.


Cork is very versatile and can be put in any area of the house. Since it is a floating floor, you do not have to worry about gluing it down to any particular subfloor.


Cork is considered a hypoallergenic flooring option. It is much cleaner than some other flooring choices like carpet, and is great for people with allergies.


Cork is considered to be one of the quietest floors available in the market today. It is very comfortable and quiet under foot compared to other hard surface options.

Below are some of the drawbacks of floating cork flooring.


    The cost of cork is going to be more than a lot of other flooring options that you have. In most places, it will be just as expensive as a high-end hardwood floor, even though it is a floating floor. This makes it impractical for a lot of buyers in the market.

    Susceptible to Moisture

    With a cork floor, you do not want to wet mop it at any time. This can also lead to problems in a bathroom. Surface spills are alright as long as you clean them up in a timely manner. However, mopping the floor with water can lead to warping and buckling in the joints.


    Another common problem with cork is that you can dent it with heavy pieces of furniture. When you set a heavy piece of furniture down on the cork that has pointy legs, it can sink down into the cork over time. If you are going to put heavy furniture on top of the cork, you will want to make sure that you help distribute the weight by putting coasters under the legs. This will help you prevent permanent damage to the cork flooring.