Pros and Cons of Floor Heating Mats

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When winter rolls around and your floors turn stone cold, use floor heating mats to take the chill out of going barefoot. Not only will you see heating bills reduced, but you will also get rid of dust and particles that traditional forced air systems spread around the house. There are many pros to electric floor heating mats. Floor mats work like a big electric blanket underfoot.


Energy efficient
Adds additional insulation
Reduces allergens
Easy installation


Installation can be pricey
Sometimes cannot be retrofitted

In the past, it was difficult to install radiant flooring under existing wood or carpet. Usually, heated floor mats were added during construction. Older models often required cement to be installed with the electrical system, but not today. Most floor heating mats on the market are easily installed directly underneath the carpet and floating wood.

Note, however, that certain types of tiled flooring will have to be replaced if you want to install heated floor mats. If you are doing a remodel, it would be the perfect time to add radiant flooring under your tile. For the rest of your house, installation should be quick and easy.