Pros and Cons of Frameless Glass Doors

When you are remodeling or buying a home you will notice that many are now coming with frameless glass doors. On regular glass doors if the door was hit the glass would shatter. With the invention of tempered glass you can now have frameless glass doors. Frameless glass doors are often found in the bathroom but can be used in any location of the home. The pros and cons of the suitability of frameless glass doors are discussed here.

Cost of Frameless Glass Doors

You can pick up a door at any home repair store for a few dollars. You can even buy a metal entry door for under $100. Glass doors are always more expensive and even more so if it is decorative wood with glass inlays. Sliding glass doors are not cheap but they are not several hundreds of dollars either but these are doors with frames. Frameless glass doors are, unfortunately, more expensive than your average glass door (with the exception of stained glass). You will pay much more for frameless glass doors than other glass doors. If cost is a factor in your decision, keep this in mind.

Lack of Catch

When you are taking a shower water will find a way to get all over the floor. Sliding shower doors have a guide on the bottom to slide on. This track prevents water from escaping the shower and protecting your floors. Since frameless glass doors swing open there is no track to create a boundary. This will allow water to easily get on the floor and much more than a normal shower door or even a curtain. This will make your floors very slippery and if you do not clean it up quickly there is always a possibility of mold and mildew.

Increased Home Value

Despite some of the issues you'll find with frameless glass doors they are prized and sought after. Having them in your home can increase the value considerably. Anyone can have sliding glass shower doors or typical swinging doors. Frameless glass doors add that extra little something to be proud of regardless of minor issues.

Easy to Care For

Other types of shower doors have issues with mildew and rust due to their frames. This means that you have to clean and care for them often. Frameless glass door metal with the exception of the hinges which can also be glass. This makes these types of doors very simple and fast to clean.


Even though the door is made of glass frameless glass doors almost never shatter let alone crack. The glass used in frameless glass doors are about 1/4-inch thick and made out of tempered glass. This means that you can hit the face of the glass or fall in to it and it will not break. If, however, you strike it on the edge it will shatter. The glass is designed that if this happens it won’t cut you.