Pros and Cons of Getting a Plexiglas Motorcycle Windshield Replacement

Motorcycle windshield replacement can be frustrating. You may find that there are few things that you can do repair-wise that can make your windshield like new again. That is why you will need to go ahead and get a new windshield all together. There are two types of plastic that is used when it comes to motorcycle windshields. Lexan and Plexiglas, they each have their own set of pros and cons that you will have to consider before you choose the right one for you.


Should your Plexiglas windshield get any scratches on it then this is a very easy fix. You will find that a simple plastic polish will do the trick. You will need to make sure that the polish is of a good quality. Typically, plastic polishes are inexpensive and can be found in kits that will allow you to not only repair the scratches but to clean the windshields as well.


The pros with this type of windshield are that they are completely clear. They are easy to see through and as previously mentioned, very easy to repair should you get any scratches. You are also able to easily clean these types of plastics as well. Because of how easy it is to clean your Plexiglas windshield and how clear it is you will find that it will not affect your vision should you have the windshield set up high and in your line of vision.


Unfortunately, Plexiglas is only about 3 percent as impact resistant as Lexan. What this means is that this is a very fragile type of plastic that can easily shatter. It is not a very safe type of material and is not usually recommended. It is very easy to form this type of plastic when it comes to temperatures ranging at about 300 degree. However, it is not a very easy task to machine Plexiglas at room temperatures. It is also very hard to saw, cut or drill holes into this type of plastic without it weakening or shattering the material itself. Because of all of this, this type of plastic is not DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. In some states it is illegal to use any material that is not DOT approved as a windshield. It is not uncommon for Plexiglas to become completely shattered by a rock going no faster than 15 miles per hour.


So while it is very easy to keep this type of plastic clean and scratch free, it is not approved or safe for street use. This type of windshield should only be used on bikes that are not driven.