Pros and Cons of Painting Brick

Painted brick.

Painting brick is an easy way to give it a new look. Before undertaking the task, you will want to consider the pros and cons.

Pro: Brighten Up The Room Or Landscape

By painting your brick, be it indoor or outdoor, you can use a brighter color to give the brick a lift. It will add new life to a room, or give your home new curb appeal if painting outdoor brick. This is a great way to liven up your home if trying to sell it.

Pro: Easy to Clean

After your brick has been painted and properly sealed, it is much easier to clean than raw brick, which is porous and holds in debris.

Con: Chips and Peeling

When your paint is new, it will look its best. After a few years, especially for outdoor brick, you may have to paint again due to chipped or peeling paint. Normally, an outdoor painted brick will need to be repainted, or at least require maintenance after three years, and indoor brick will require a fresh touch up every five years, depending on use.

Con: Fading Color

Painted brick tends to fade over time. Even white paint will take on a yellow tint after a couple of years. Even with a sealer, indoor brick will become lighter over time. If you are using a bright color, such as red, it will take on a pinkish tone. The brick is porous, and although you will use a primer before painting, it will eventually start to seep into the brick.