Pros and Cons of Plastic Ceiling Panels

hands drilling plastic ceiling panels

Plastic ceiling panels have proved to be extremely useful for ceiling installations. Although plastic is a more recent material for ceiling usage, it has rapidly established itself as a suitable option amongst many. A good ceiling is a vital factor in achieving the desired indoor décor of a home. It also adds to the value of a home. If you’re contemplating redoing your ceiling or are constructing a new home, why not consider plastic? Below are the pros and cons of a plastic ceiling panel.

Pros of Plastic Ceiling Panels

Plastic is one of the easiest construction materials to work with. It's easily cut with scissors, for one thing, which makes it convenient. Plastic is one of the more lightweight materials available for ceiling panels. It can be carried and installed with minimal effort. The lightweight nature of plastic reduces on labor that is required if working with heavier materials. This gives you some savings during installation. Plastic panels are low maintenance. When properly installed, a plastic ceiling doesn’t require much to keep it looking good. No painting, varnish, or special coats are required to maintain its condition.

Once installed, a plastic ceiling can last several years. It will not break, dent or warp. Plastic is one of the cheapest materials used in construction. When used in ceiling installations, plastic panels make an affordable choice for many. To install certain ceiling panels, you may experience a major dent in your finances. However, prices for plastic generally fall within a range that is affordable to many. This affordability makes it possible to complete ceiling installations without straining the budget.

It also helps control the overall cost of home construction. Plastic is great for improved home insulation. This means you’ll use less energy in household warming and cooling. A plastic ceiling enhances the energy efficiency of your home. You can enjoy greater control over your energy bills with a plastic ceiling in place. Plastic makes an excellent choice for those with environmental concerns. It is 100 percent recyclable and can be utilized without any danger of resource depletion.

Cons of Plastic Ceiling Panels

Plastic cannot withstand fire. It catches fire quickly and burns slowly. Should a fire occur, little can be done to salvage a home with a plastic ceiling. This is an important consideration, especially if you live in an area prone to natural fires. If you’d like to change the color of your plastic ceiling at some point, unfortunately, plastic doesn’t give you any choice.

Some other ceiling materials, such as chipboard, can easily be repainted. This makes it easier and cheaper to remodel or change the interior décor. With plastic ceiling panels, should you wish to change the color, you will be compelled to re-install. This adds to your home maintenance costs. Due to its insulation properties, a plastic ceiling adds to the indoor heat during hot weather. This can make the house more uncomfortable.