Pros and Cons of Plastic RV Tanks

If you want to replace your RV water tanks, then you might be considering fitting some plastic tanks, instead of the more traditional metal. Plastic tanks have a number of advantages over the metal tank, particularly when it comes to holding the black water prior to disposal. However, there are also some disadvantages which should be considered before you decide to swap all of your metal RV water tanks and replace them with plastic ones.

Advantages of the Plastic Tank

One advantage of the plastic tank is that it is usually made out of one sheet of plastic. This eliminates the vulnerability of the metal tank, which would often develop cracks around the join in the metal. Being made of one piece of plastic ensures that you will get fewer cracks. Plastic tanks are also less likely to develop corrosion and cracking, which might be a serious problem with metal RV water tanks.

Disadvantages of the Plastic Tank

Despite their advantages, there are also some disadvantages to using plastic tanks in your RV. The first is that the plastic storage tanks are often smaller than their metal cousins, so you will have less space for storage. They can also become old after a period, so they will develop holes due to wear and tear.