Pros and Cons of Spray Grout Sealer


Using spray grout sealer is one of many ways to potentially seal your grout. Sealing your grout is necessary if you want to prevent stains and keep it from looking dirty. Here are the pros and cons associated with using spray grout sealer for your project.


Simplicity- With this method, you just use a sprayer to apply the sealer into the joints. It is much easier than adding the sealer by hand.

Faster- By using spray grout sealer you will be saving a lot of time. It is much faster to spray the sealer into place than it is to rub it into the grout joints with a rag or applicator brush.


Messy- Spray grout sealer is fast, but it is also messy. Grout lines are not very wide and it is inevitable that you will get the sealer all over the tile as well. Doing so will require you to go back and clean off the tile when you are done.

No Membrane- The 2 main types of grout sealer are membrane-forming and penetrating. When you spray the grout sealer, you can only use the penetrating variety. If you like the way membrane-forming works this option will not be available to you with this method.