Pros and Cons of TSP Bleach Cleaner

TSP bleach, or Trisodium Phosphate, is perhaps one of the most powerful cleaning agents still in regular use. In the past, it was used in all kinds of ways, to treat items from clothes to floors. These days, it is less commonly available, as many people are opposed to the use of phosphate as a cleaning agent. As a result of this, you may not even have known what TSP bleach was previously. The power of the bleach means that it gets things cleaner than you might expect, but it is unpopular for a good reason.

Benefits of TSP Bleach

Trisodium phosphate remains one of the strongest cleaners available, even after it has been diluted several times. If you are looking for a good way to get rid of dirt in a stubborn area, then you might consider reaching for your bottle of TSP bleach. It is far more effective at getting a good white on clothes than some biological detergents, and you can also use it to scrub floors, or even wash the area behind the fridge — which is usually a no-man's land full of dirt and bacteria. TSP can be applied using a brush, but it can also be sprayed if you wish to protect the sides of your home from fungus.

If you have mildew, then TSP bleach is the perfect way to remedy this common problem. If you want to prevent mildew, then add TSP bleach to a wall or ceiling wash before you paint them. This will not only kill off any fungus, but it will also remove the unpleasant stains that come with it. Combine it with another household bleach in order to completely remove all traces of mildew from your home. You can also use it to clean off stone and masonry, rather than using muriatic acid, which is even more dangerous than trisodium phosphate.

Disadvantages of TSP Bleach

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Trisodium phosphate is dangerous, and there is little dispute about the fact. The same benefits that make it an excellent dirt and mildew remover, also make it harmful to humans. Without proper protection, TSP bleach can cause eye and skin damage, and you will have to wear safety glasses and gloves whenever you are using it.

TSP bleach is also dangerous to the plants and the environment, and campaigners have protested for many years about the problems with introducing phosphates into the ecological system through their water supply. Any kind of phosphates may harm animals, and this bleach is no exception.

In addition, the bleach may also harm the very items that it was designed to clean. Although you can use it to efficiently clean areas, it is not advisable to use it in the bathroom. This substance can easily stain the metals of your faucets and pipes, and will also damage glass showers and ceramic tiles. It can even attack and remove the grout, and is used in products that take off old grout and glazing before refinishing.

TSP bleach cleaner can be extremely effective for getting your home in tiptop shape. However, it can do more harm than good if you don't know how to use it.