Pros and Cons of Using Diamond Car Paint

The marketplace for specialized diamond paints within the car and equipment construction sectors is booming. Producers of specialized paints will go to great lengths to improve the qualities of their car paints both with regards to advancement as well as financial aspects so as to give increased advantages for the clients. Consequently, the latest instance of this is the utilization of nano-size diamonds in auto paints. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of diamond car paints.

The advantages of nano-diamond car paint are:

Nano-diamonds enhance the Lifespan of Vehicle Paints

Specialized paints, for example for automobiles, are subjected to an array of influences that impact their lifespan. To increase this lifespan, the superior qualities of diamond stone may be exploited by utilizing nano-size diamond dust as a filler injection in paint preparations.

High Chemical Resistance and Heat Conductivity

Diamond's special material and chemical qualities make it perfect for this usage. It doesn't only provide the perfect solidity of all identified stones, its nearly unparalleled chemical resistance to every extreme media like alkaline and acidic solutions, the greatest heat conductivity, as well as its natural tolerance likewise play an important part.

Resistance to Scratches and Impacts

Assessments with a reputable paint producer demonstrate that if you use prototype paints with diamond particles, enhancements are accomplished not simply in the potential to deal with knocks and scratches caused by the boost in nano-hardness, but additionally, obvious benefits are gained in contrast to traditional paints with regards to adherence to the surface, chemical immunity (especially immunity to solvents), tribological friction factors along with the anti-adherence factor of hydrophobic films (effortless to wash), and heat transmission.

Long Lasting Matte Coating

With physical influences like blows, friction, and scratches, shiny paints, for instance, have a tendency to create 'shiny spots'. By using paint preparations with nano-sized diamond, these unwanted polishes can be diminished by greater than 100%, thus guaranteeing that a matte coating is maintained over a long time.

Resistance to Stains

Diamond paint gives exceptional resistance to prevalent unattractive stains, such as pencil marks, mustard, lipstick and markers. It may be wiped spotless periodically without compromising the initial coating, maintaining that appearance for extended periods. Ultimately, a tough, spot proof paint that gives a permanent, stunning finish, diamond dust paint is the excellent pick to go with any car decor.

Premium Quality Finish

As soon as the paintwork is prepared, you are able to add the same premium quality finish in the car with the use of a leather and fabric protection. For permanent results, make use of Konserwar as well as the diamond automobile shampoo that are distributed individually.

New Appearance

Diamond paint with create enduring display room sparkle by keeping brand-new cars looking new, while producing the total competitiveness of aged cars. It is the best solution for all types of paints types whether metallic, solid or pearl-like.

Increases Vehicle Re-sale Value

Diamond paint improves auction value. Should the occasion come to sell your car, you will be happy you selected diamond paint, as its protective characteristics increase your vehicle's auction value.

Easy Maintenance

Less maintenance is possible with diamond paints. Merely cleaning your car with Wash & Shine shampoo makes your paintwork glow like new.

Improved Aerodynamic Performance

The glossy surface finish minimizes drag and improves your car's aerodynamic performance. This helps your engine use less power to accelerate, especially in windy atmosphere.



Diamond paints are very expensive when compared to conventional automobile paints. This is a draw-back for some vehicle owners who have a tight budget.

Complex Manufacturing Technology

A lot of research has been done to improve the qualities of diamond paints. While the production of conventional paints is cheap and easy, diamond paints require the latest advanced technology to produce them without compromising their quality.

Highly Skilled Application

You do not hire any car painter to apply diamond paint. A specialist professional painter or company is needed to carry out nano-diamond painting for maximum effects.