Pros and Cons of Using House of Kolor Car Paint

House of Kolor has a long-established a reputation as one of the best suppliers of custom paint for motor vehicles. Founded by Jon Kosmoski (who was a car builder himself) as a small independent company in 1956, it was meant to offer the best paint to car aficionados. These days, House of Kolor is owned by a bigger company, but it’s still one of the leading names in custom car color.


House of Kolor paints are made for the top end of the market. Custom car colors are not for everyone. Only serious enthusiasts will be interested in them for a paint job. They’re among the very best available. That means they’re not cheap, but the people buying House of Kolor paint will already realize that. They’re willing to pay for the very best, knowing it will last and look professional when it’s properly applied.

It helps that the line was developed by a custom car enthusiast, which gives it an imprimatur of quality. The reputation has been developed over time, rather than by plenty of advertising.

Compatible Products

House of Kolor does a range of products to work with custom colors, such as clear coat, primers and cleaners. This ensures that the paint will have an ideal surface to which it can bond and that the clear coat will work well with the paint for an ideal finish. Notably, the company only produces items that will affect the final paint job. This helps keep their reputation intact.


Professionals who specialize in giving custom paint jobs use House of Kolor. The company has kept up its quality for decades, and word of mouth has proved to be the best advertising they could have. It’s a brand that people in the know are familiar with and respect.


Most people who want paint for their car are on a budget, and that’s one of the disadvantages for House of Kolor. It’s a very expensive material. It’s outside the budget of all except those who really want a custom paint job. That exclusivity might be fine for the very few, but the majority of people will be happy to spend less and receive a paint job that still looks good and lasts.

Work at Home

For some people, performing their own car spray painting is part of the attraction. After working on the auto body they want to see the process through. House of Kolor paint needs to be applied by someone with professional equipment and facilities to be properly effective. That rules out most of those who might want to do it themselves, and increases the cost since you’ll need to hire a professional.

Range of Products

The company encourages people to use other House of Kolor products to ensure compatibility. While they claim it’s to ensure compatibility and the best finish, it does also help generate more profit and discourages people from using products that might work just as well, be every bit as compatible, and a lot cheaper. How many would take the risk of other products, however?