Pros and Cons of Using Japanese Wood Lathe Chisels

If you are a serious woodworking enthusiast and are in the market for a new set of wood lathe chisels, you might be considering brands or types that are made in Japan. This short article will list some of the pros and cons of these lathe chisels.

Pros of Japanese Wood Lathe Chisels

The Japanese make some the of finest woodworking tools available, and their wood lathe chisels are no exception. Japanese chisels makers are well known for their very exacting and strict methods of forging chisels, and their wood lathe chisels are highly sought after because of their laminated steel blades that can hold an edge for a very long period of time. The hardened laminated steel edge also means that Japanese wood lathe chisels don't need to be sharpened as often as some other types of chisels. In short, this means a set if quality Japanese wood lathe chisels will provide excellent cutting results for many years.

Cons of Japanese Wood Lathe Chisels

Although Japanese wood lathe blades are certainly of the highest quality, they are also some of the most expensive wood lathe chisels available. In fact a set of premium quality wood chisels can run as much as $500 or more for a set of 8 to 10 chisels. The price of some Japanese chisels will put them out of reach for many woodworking hobbyists.