Pros and Cons of Using Radiant Ceiling Panels

Radiant ceiling panels are starting to become popular as a way to better heat a home. There are pros and cons to having radiant ceiling panels, and this article will address several of them.


Radiant ceiling panels are easier to install than many other heating alternatives. Radiant ceiling panels can be dropped into a frame like regular ceiling tiles. This makes them very easy to install.

Energy Savings

Studies have shown that radiant ceiling panels decrease energy costs by around 33 percent on average.


The biggest problem with radiant ceiling panels is that heat rises, which means the radiant ceiling panels will not be effective for the floor that they are on.


Trying to maintain radiant ceiling panels is usually more costly than simply replacing them. Since these panels are dropped into the existing ceiling brackets, they are easy to replace. They do not cause nearly the same problems that forced-air systems do.

No Dry Air

Most heating systems will dry out the air inside the home. This will usually cause dry skin, brittle hair and a myriad of other problems. Radiant heat from ceiling panels will not do this, as the heat will distribute evenly throughout the home.