Pros and Cons of Using Self Adhesive Tile on Walls

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A self-adhesive tile kit is a simple and cheap way to retile a wall. It will look attractive and serve a purpose, but the question to ask is whether self-adhesive tiles are always the best option.

Pros of Using Self-Adhesive Tiles on Walls

Self-adhesive tiles are exceptionally easy to place on a wall in comparison to ceramic tiling. Using ceramics means using tile adhesive, grout, and a lot of skill to achieve perfect results. Self-adhesive tiles need no such treatment; as soon as they are on the wall, the job is finished and you can use the room normally. They are also extremely easy to cut with a utility knife instead of wrestling with a ceramic tile cutting machine.

Cons of Using Self-Adhesive Tiles on Walls

Using self-adhesive tiles on walls can prove tricky if the wall is not completely flush all the way along. Some walls have a tendency to bow over the years, especially in older houses. Adhesive tiles are rigid and usually larger than ceramic tiles. If there are weak spots, the adhesive backing will eventually pop away from the wall. Compared with buying smaller ceramic tiles, which could cope better with bowed walls, self-adhesive is not a good option.