Pros and Cons of Wood Glaze Finish

When it comes to finish for cabinets, a wood glaze is one of those options that many woodworkers will reach for. The wood glaze finish will give wooden furniture and cabinets a nice look with its shiny surface. When you are planning on finishing a wood project for yourself, here are some pros and cons of wood glaze finish that you will want to keep in mind. 

Wood Glaze Finish Records Every Stroke

When applying the wood glaze finish you will want to use some foam brushes for the job. The glaze is thick and will record every brush stroke into the surface of the glaze. When it dries you will see all of the fine lines of the brush. A foam brush will apply the glaze evenly without any signs of brush strokes.

Not Appropriate for Some Woods

A glaze is a thick coating that will actually hide some of the grain that you want to see. Maple, oak, and hickory are all great looking woods that are used for expensive cabinets and furniture. Coating them with a wood glaze will mute the grain that many people want to see.

Provides Protection and High Gloss Look

When used on a pine, cedar, or other type of soft wood, the wood glaze will provide a high grade shine as well as strong protection against moisture, scratches, and even some dents.