Pros And Cons Of A Roll Up Garage Door

A roll up garage door rolls upward and is used in residential, commercial and industrial areas. They are ideal for residential garage shaving short driveways or space problems, and are used more for a casual opening and closing. They do not resist dents as well as commercial doors and may not come with door opener.

Types of Roll up Door

  • Sectional doors consists of four or more horizontal panels hinged together. The door rolls up on the ceiling of your garage and gives more option for decoration.
  • Rolling steel doors roll up and stores itself in the form of a roll above the garage door opening.

Door Materials

Roll up garage door can be made from:

  • steel
  • aluminum
  • fiberglasswWood

Steel is the toughest of them all and can take more damage.

Roll up doors are more expensive, still they are preferred since they are easy to use and safe to operate.