Protect Your Bougainvillea from Winter Freeze

A bougainvillea.

Many people love the look of the bougainvillea hanging from their porch, arbor, or window box. Bougainvillea plants thrive in pots and while hanging in the sun. They are a warm weather plant and do not fair well when the weather turns cold. Here is how you can protect your bougainvillea from a winter freeze.

Cover With Mulch

If you live in an area that gets down to around 40 to 30 degrees in the winter, then you will need to take measures to protect your bougainvillea. Cover the root ball with a heavy mulch to insulate the warmth. You can also use styrofoam peanuts to act as insulation.

Bring Plant Inside

Because it is a potted plant, moving the bougainvillea is easy. You do not have to replant it to protect it from cold. When you live in an area that has a prolonged season of winter, bring the plant inside and hang near a window that gets plenty of sun.

Cover With Plastic

Bougainvillea does not have a big frost tolerance, and plastic bags are a great protection for them. Cover the plant during cold nights with a plastic bag. Then cover it again with a slightly larger bag. This will trap in warm, moist air between the two bags to keep the plant insulated.