Protect Your Cherry Tree From Birds

What You'll Need
Bird netting
Fake Predators
Aluminum Cans or CD's
Wind Chimes

If not protected, a cherry tree will become a giant bird feeder. Birds love to perch and pick the cherries off, even before they are ripe. If you don’t control the birds in some fashion, you will never get to enjoy the fruits of your labor because the cherries will not grow to maturity.

Step 1: Attach Bird Netting To Tree

One way to protect your tree from pesky birds is to install a bird netting over the top of the three. This is a rather intensive project, but will save your fruit from being eaten by the birds. Bird netting comes in various sizes so it is best to measure the overall size of your cherry tree canopy. Add several inches to the measurement and buy the netting that is close to it on the larger side.

Drape the netting over the tree and either stake it to the ground or wrap it around the trunk of the tree. One of the main problems with bird netting has always been that the birds will find their way into the net by going under it. Wrapping the net around the cherry tree trunk will help keep the birds out.

Step 2: Hang Windchimes

Birds to not like loud, ringing, annoying sounds. Hanging several different windchimes to your cherry tree will help to keep some of the birds away. Make sure you do not nail them into barks or branches. Hang the windchimes with rope, or plastic ties.

Step 3: Use Fake Predators

One age-old solution to a bird problem in your cherry tree is to mimic the scarecrow technique. Position a fake owl, cat or some other bird predator in, on or near the tree. Owls make a great choice as they are quite territorial. The problem with using fake predators is that you need to move them regularly. If they stay in the same place too long birds will become bold enough to approach and land. Reposition them at least once a week for the best results.

Step 4: Hang Cans or CDs

Another rather inexpensive way to get rid of birds from your cherry tree is to hand several old aluminum cans or CDs. As they hang in the sunlight they will reflect the light and shine in the sun. Birds will stay away from objects that are moving and reflecting light because they sense a predator moving towards them. Attach to the tree with rope, or plastic ties.