Protect Your Gazebo With A Gazebo Cover

To get the most out of a gazebo, the best solution is to install a gazebo cover. These covers are available in different styles and materials, and may be used to provide shade to gazebo occupants, or as a complete seal for the gazebo when it is not being used. Which type or style you use depends on what type of protection is required.

Common Gazebo Cover Materials

The most common materials used for a gazebo cover are vinyl and canvas. These materials are popular because they are resistant to weather, yet flexible enough to be used on a pop up gazebo. For light covers that provide shade but not rain protection, light covers can be made from cotton or other linen.

Screen or Netting Covers

A screened gazebo allows protection, not from the elements but from insects and wind-blown dust and debris. Traditionally, screened covers have a solid, water-resistant top, and full sides constructed of a light netted fabric.

Quick Covers

It only takes a few minutes to make a vinyl gazebo cover. lay a shower curtain or other large piece of vinyl over the gazebo, and cut it to fit. This may not be the most visually appealing method to use, but in a weather emergency, a rough-cut vinyl cover offers temporary protection from the elements.