Protecting Countertop Edges with a V Cap

kitchen counter with tile backsplash
  • 1-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500

A V cap edging is one of the ways that installers finish off a tile countertop to give it a more defined look. The V cap is simply a piece of edging that is installed a little differently than the actual tile surface of the countertop. However, the extra time and care taken in the installation will show in the finished product.

Step 1 - Add Definition to a Tile Countertop

V caps are used to give a tile countertop a finished and detailed look. It is not placed over the existing tile, but in a space on the same level as the tile. This will both protect the counter edges, and also give a seamless look to the countertop.

Step 2 - Install

The V cap is installed a little differently than a normal tile. To begin the installation you simply line up the caps along the edge and make cuts accordingly. Once the cuts are completed you place mortar along the length of the back of the V cap. The mortar does not go on the counter first as with traditional tiles. With the mortar in place, you can then press it into the space along the edge of the counter.

Step 3 - Grout

Once the V cap is installed you can then grout it along with the rest of the tile counter.