Protecting Your Antique French Door

Constant exposure to changing weather can damage an antique French door. To maintain the look and value of your antique French door it needs regular refurbishing.

Antique French Doors and Weather

Weather conditions such as rain, sun, heat, humidity, wind, and cold can wear the finish on an antique French door. Fading, cracking and peeling can occur without proper care. Once the wood underneath the finish is exposed the door becomes susceptible to mildew, mold and dry rot.

Refurbishing an Antique French Door

Basic refurbishing of an antique French door consists of cleaning or applying a new protective coating. Either repaint the door or varnish it. For more severe damage like scratches, dents and chips the door must be repaired. After the door is repaired it should be stripped down to the bare wood and refinished.

Is An Antique French Door Worth the Expense

It will cost you some money to maintain the beautiful appearance of an antique French door. Refurbishing an antique French door even when using a professional is still less expensive than purchasing and installing a new door.