Prune Your Pomegranate to Resemble a Tree

Pomegranate plants are often grown as a bush, but with the right amount of pruning and training, you can turn one into a pomegranate tree. 

When to Prune

The best time to prune your pomegranate is in the early spring, before new growth appears. 

How to Prune

When turning a pomegranate bush into a tree, first locate the main trunk. Trim away any branches and suckers that are low down on the trunk. 

Shape the tree by selectively trimming away any suckers that you don’t want to become branches. Cut at a slight angle and away from the tree. 

Training your pomegranate to become a tree will take time and effort. Any stray suckers that appear will need to be trimmed away as they grow. 

Trunk Support

When you have finished pruning it is important to stake the trunk for extra support. It will take a few years for the trunk to become sturdy. 

Wound Care

Large wounds caused by pruning back larger branches leave the tree open to infection. Try to minimize these cuts. When cuts are necessary, a wound dressing can be applied for added protection. 


If you keep a pomegranate plant for the produce, it is not recommended that you turn your bush into a tree. Pruning a pomegranate bush into a tree will result in less fruit production.   

With a little effort and patience a pomegranate bush can become a lovely tree.