Pruning An Agave Plant

As a part of the care and maintenance of the agave plant you will need to prune the plant according to its needs. This can be seasonal pruning, or pruning to clear off any dead leaves, or diseased areas.

Seasonal Pruning

Before the growth season begins you should spend some time pruning your agave plants. Late Summer or early Fall are good times to prune the plants before the winter weather sets in. Pruning now will push out new growth that will have a chance to establish itself without being damaged by the weather.

You should also prune after the last frost of the Winter. This will encourage new growth after they have been dormant.

Clean up Pruning

There will be times after a growth period when you will need to prune down some of the branches to a more manageable level. If you do not want the plant to get too large, then prune off the top growth. If you want to contain the plant to a certain width, keep pruning the side growth.

Use Strong Shears

The leaves of the agave plant are quite strong and have spines on the tips. To prune them, use strong shears that are sharp to minimize any tearing and injury to yourself.