Pruning Roses: Dos and Don'ts

It isn’t difficult to prune roses, but there are a few things that you should make sure that you do or avoid to help protect your rose bushes. Pruning will help you control the shape of the bushes, and if pruned correctly, your plantshould continue producing fragrant and colorful new blooms all summer.  


Prune your hybrid, tea and green rose bushes in the early spring after the last frost has gone. You will be able to tell when they need pruning because the rose buds will have just begun to swell.

Prune older bushes and climbing plants after their first flowering in the season. These varieties will flower on the previous year’s growth, so by pruning them too early, you will miss out on your flowers.


Don’t prune rose bushes that are less than 3 to 4 years old. Pruning them too early in their life could cause shock or even death.

Do not tear at your plants. Use pruning shears to cleanly cut off branches and roses without tearing at the plant. Messy cuts can cause damage to your roses and make them suffer.

Do not prune more than once a year to keep your rose bushes healthy and producing roses all season long.