Pull-Out Bed Frame Ideas for Guest Rooms

Pull-out beds are a great space-saving idea for guest rooms that may serve double duty as an office or craft room. The designs and comfort level of pull-out beds have come a long way in the recent years. No longer will you be forcing your guests to sleep on a lumpy and uncomfortable pull-out. Here are a few ideas for using a pull-out in your own guest room.

Futon Frames

Futons are now available in a huge variety of designs. You can choose from metal, wood and other frame options. The sizes are also available in all bed sizes, so you won’t have to choose a huge or tiny futon. A full-size futon will usually fold up into a love seat-sized couch, giveing your guests plenty of room to lounge. Many modern futon frames can be adjusted to form a settee instead of a standard couch.

Trundle Beds

If you have a small bed and are looking for a way to expand the sleeping space without taking up living space, a trundle bed is the way to go. These are designed to fit directly under the existing bed, and just pull out on wheels that lock into place when ready to be used. This is a popular option for those who have twin day beds in their guest rooms.

Couch Pull Outs

The pull-out couch option is a good option if your guest room doubles as a family room while guests aren’t in town. While many people think that pull out couches are uncomfortable and unsightly, it’s not the case these days. You can find a great quality mattress for your pull-out bed that will be just as comfortable as a standard bed and mattress.