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Punch-out, also known as a punch list, is a set of last-minute, small details to be finished in a construction job. The term gets its name from a “punch” put next to items on a list as they were completed.

There were normally two identical copies of this list, one by the owner and one by the contractor, so that there was an identical record of the project’s progress. The punch-out is typically created during the final walk-through, when the owner makes a list of things he or she finds unsatisfactory or unfinished as laid out in the original contract.

After the walk-through, the contractor fixes the items on the punch-out. Commonly, payment is given when the list is completed to the owner’s and contractor’s satisfaction.

Items on a Punch-Out

The punch-out list can vary from a few minor details to large problems with the implementation of the design of the building. Things that might show up on a punch-out list include:

Light switches that don’t work

Imperfections in the plaster or drywall

Missing outlet covers

Baseboard imperfections

Truly, the possibilities are endless as to what can show up on a punch-out list. The dedication of the contractor will determine to what extent and under what timetable a punch-out list will be completed.